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Ultimate Guide To Concrete 3D Printing House

Concrete 3D Printing

3D printing your dream house can be a reality in the upcoming years. The industrial revolution is coming up with unbelievable machines that can create everything on a realistic scale. Some major 3D printers are COBOD BOD2 in Slovenia, Constructions-3D 3D Constructor from France, ICON Vulcan II available in the United States, MudBots 3D Concrete Printer, Total Kustom StroyBot 6.2, Contour Crafting, S-Squared ARCS VVS Neptune are also available in the United States.

Moreover, Denmark, Russia, France, Italy, etc. have their concrete printing machines. The process is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more states are considering it.

Concrete 3D Printing To Build A House

Concrete 3D Printing House in 2020
Ultimate Guide To Concrete 3D Printing House

A 3D printer to build a house is a similar process as frosting on the cake, and no, I did not mean it as a metaphor—the groundworks as the plate for the printer to build the house. A thick paste or concrete is pushed out of a nozzle and layer by layer on top of each other. The printing machine could be like an extended desktop or have a rotating mechanical arm.

In most cases, the coatings are concrete, but they are also creating brick-like molds and adding them to the houses. 3D printing builds walls and foundations that are revolutionary.

Advantages Of Concrete 3D Printing House

The benefits of building a concrete house from 3D printing are several. Firstly, 3D printing can use organic and eco-friendly materials. The printing machine can use power from solar energy, thereby saving a large chunk of fuels. Secondly, it provides affordable housing to poor people where traditional housing can cost a lot of money.

Due to its one track building material, the projects are cost-effective in comparison to conventional houses. A few days to a week at the maximum is the amount of time they take to build. A traditional construction takes a year or two to complete one place.

Concrete 3D Printing for you
Ultimate Guide To Concrete 3D Printing House

Simultaneously, 3D printing technology can build houses in a matter of a few days to a week at the most. Moreover, in 3D printing, you can get your desired shape and change as per your needs. This is not possible in traditional buildings as the cost is high, and any change will drain away massive time and money.

Concrete 3D Printing Versus Traditional Houses

The 3D printing houses have a rough exterior, while traditional houses have smooth. Traditional homes are more robust and spacious while it is not entirely right for 3D concrete ones. They are very expensive initially and only have frames to lean on. 3D houses look beautiful, and you can change their design and shape as per your choice.


In conclusion, I would like to discuss 3D printing technology’s potential for building materials and infrastructures. In areas where there are natural calamities and problems, these houses will provide shelters and offer roofs to the homeless.

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