The CR 10 3D Printer Review

The CR 10 3D Printer Review

The CR 10 3D Printer offers the best balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. Even though it is cheap it doesn’t compromise on its quality, not even a bit. Sure, it does not have the pro features $1000 3D Printers offer, but it gets the job done. Here is an honest review of the CR 10 3D Printer.


The CR 10 3D Printer Review
The CR 10 3D Printer Review

Build Capacity of 300mm x 300mm, mostly pre-built, made out of Aluminium extrusion. Uses the Mk10 Bowden extruder and Mk8 hot end. At around $500-600.

Assembling The CR 10 3D Printer

The CR 10 3D Printer is delivered in parts. To accustom yourself to 3D Printing you must understand how the 3D Printer works itself… and what better way to do that than assembling it yourself?

  1. Assemble the 2 orange frame parts together. Attach them using the screw provided.
  2. Fix the 2 axels on the side with screws. Use as many screws as possible… the more you use, the more stable you make your 3D Printer.
  3. Plug it in and calibrate it to the appropriate amount of volts.

Lastly, to calibrate the nozzle with the printing sheet manually move the axels to each of the 4 corners. Readjust the axels so that the nozzle “barely fits”. Note that the nozzle shouldn’t touch the bed, however, there shouldn’t be more than 3-5 mm of space.

The CR 10 3D Printer Review
The CR 10 3D Printer Review


  • Industry grade build quality
  • Highly cost-effective
  • The best 3D Printer under $500
  • Innovative and Intuitive Design
  • Easy to use and user-friendly software
  • (Almost) Readily assembled!


  • Relatively inaccurate and unreliable nozzle
  • Hard to print with ABS using this since ABS requires a constant, precise amount of heat that the printer fails to keep.
  • Preparation takes a lot of time
  • While the software may be user-friendly, it very slow and simple tasks require more than usual amounts of preparation time.


Simple, sophisticated and innovative. There are no other 3 words that describe the CR 10 3D printer better. Having it’s 300 x 300mm glass bed in the middle and all its machinery organized to one side… the printer may be big, but it is definitely sophisticated and aesthetic if anything! It’s contrasting mustard lines and charcoal body makes it just that much more attractive!

Aesthetically it has everything you could ask for, however, it has some primal and obvious design flaws too. The printer is obviously meant for large-scale products, but, it’s bigger than it needs to be. The frame of the printer is large; as it should be, although, they forced the control box to sit only a little apart from the frame… making the printer much larger than it needs to be. It is as wide as it is tall, and that is totally unnecessary.

Moreover, in their search for cutting costs, they compromised on a key feature. A secondary head moment-assister. The nozzle of the 3D Printer is constrained to the X-axis only. Due to this, the 3D printer is only supported from one side… while it may seem irrelevant at first, over time, the printer starts degrading and thus, sagging under its own weight.

Key Feature!

Being sold at 3 different sizes, it is clear that the main feature of the CR 10 3D Printer is nothing but the enormous size it can print it. It has the biggest printing size in the industry, and yet, it is the cheapest. Making this printer not only ideal for large scale projects but also for conservative customers looking for cost-effective printers.

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