Coolest 3d Filaments – The Best Aspect Of Dimensions

Coolest 3d Filaments

We live in a world where everything is driven by technology, and one cannot think of their lives without technology. There are constant developments in technology every day, and one of such revolutionizing invention was 3D filaments. Printing and the 3D printing industries are subject to constant and stable growth, and this industry has catered to almost all other industries. 3D filaments have been regarded as a revolution and are used in the making of prosthetics or recreational like tabletop to gaming parts. These have made it possible for us to make the smallest things that we want in our daily lives and have also been the reason behind many innovations. 3D printing enables solutions for a wide spectrum of needs ranging from personal protection equipment to medical devices and isolation wards. This versatile technology is suited to address supply-demand imbalances caused by socio-economic trends and disruptions in supply chains.

Coolest 3D Filaments

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Some of the coolest 3D filaments are-

Flight Joystick- Thanks to 3D filaments, people can now have flight simulators, which give a very realistic experience.

Prosthetics- Talking about the coolest 3D filaments and not mentioning the healthcare sector’s biggest invention will not do justice. Medical professionals use 3D printing technology to print customized prosthetics for patients, develop surgical cutting and drill guides, or even patient-specific replicas of bones, organs, and blood vessels.

LED Lamp- We use LED lamps daily but little do we know that we can print one as use. The model is backed by a USB rechargeable Lithium battery and can change color at the press of a button.

More Products

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Lens Cap Holder- The lens cap seems very insignificant but holds a very important part, and we tend to lose it easily. Thus, this 3D filament innovations allow the photographer to place the holder in the camera strap and secures it from loosing.

Ratchets- Wires are a source of electricity, and we cannot survive without them. Wires surround us, and hence the solution to dangling wires is a ratchet that holds on to the messy wires.

Anti-gravity planter- With no drainage hole, this model looks as if it is hovering in the air and makes sure that it adds a layer of gravel first to keep your plant happy.

Metric Screw Measuring Device- Confused? Is this an M2 or M2.5 screw? Is it 12 or 14mm long? With this 3D printed tool, you can quickly sort and measure metric screws and bolts in sizes ranging from M2, M2.5, M3, M4, or M5 with lengths from 4mm to 50mm.


The 3D filaments have been of great help during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the 3D filament industry is on the rise. The world was at a standstill, and we were in dire need of help from logistics to manufacturing on-demand and essential products. The digital versatility and quick prototyping of 3D printing empower a swift mobilization of the technology and a rapid response to emergencies. Even during severe disruptions in supply chains, critical parts can be manufactured on-demand by any decentralized 3D-printing facility globally by leveraging designs shared online. The 3D filament is such an innovation that has more pros than cons.

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