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Best 3D Printing Tips You Have To Know

Best 3D Printing

3D Printing can be a whole lot easier if you already get some advice from people who have experience. In theory, 3D printing is easy, and no tips will help you use it any easier. As technology is advancing at another level, the printing industry is getting all the more creative and inventive. But if you are here, it is safe to assume that you do not want to risk your expensive machine and want to get the best out of it.

So we have put together a list of tips and techniques that will help you deal with this brand new technology.

Best 3D Printing Does Not Happen By Magic

Though the outcome does look by magic, in reality, printing 3D objects are a whole new game. Remember that 3D printing happens in thin air, so you need to have your set up accurately. Any disorientation or slight deviation in the distance of the bed and nozzle may disrupt the result.

Best 3D Printing Tips for you
Best 3D Printing Tips You Have To Know

Place everything in a straight line and check the nozzle and the foundation. The bed of the printer must be in a straight line while the nozzle at a height. To adjust the nozzle’s distance, place a sheet or pass a thin gauge to check for space. Keep giving the sheet back and forth. If there is no resistance while passing, you can assure that the distance between them is fair, and you can start printing.

Best 3D Printing By Controlling The Bed Temperature

To have a perfect 3D model, one needs to check the bed temperature before printing. Once one layer of print solidifies, the weather comes down, giving shape to the final image. If the bed temperature is too high, the track will take a form called Elephant feet. It means that once the print forms, the base starts melting due to the high heat of the bed, giving the impression of an Elephant foot.

The other side of the same phenomenon could be the high temperature of the nozzle. As one layer after the other cools down, the heat from the upper structure of the print melts and destroys the pattern. Therefore, while printing, both the bed and the nozzle’s temperature needs to be in check.

Best 3D Printing at home
Best 3D Printing Tips You Have To Know

Best 3D Printing Happens By Taking Care Of The Filament

In most cases, the filament absorbs air containing moisture and leads to a degenerated structure later on. What happens mostly is that when the filament absorbs the humidity, it gives out steam as the water heats up from the damp filament. To prevent this, you must store the filament in plastic boxes with no moisture content in the air.


In conclusion, you must take care of is to get supports for your 3D printing models. Having a model with support helps the model to stand straight and be upright. Many times user fails to do so and end up wasting a lot filament and energy.

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