Best 3 Open Source 3D Softwares in 2020 -

Best 3 Open Source 3D Softwares in 2020

Open Source 3d Printing Designs

To understand the best 3D software and their usages, we need to fathom what open-source 3D software is. Let’s break it down. Open Source means the software can be used freely for any reason forever. The 3D designs are objects that are built in three dimensions. However, we have to choose our software carefully as they are used for various purposes from animation to 3D paintings.


A wooden bench

Blender is one of the most popular 3D painting software among the hobbyists and the professionals as it has numerous features. These features allow the designers to create animation, video editing, composing, motion tracking, game creating, rendering, rigging and modelling etc.

This is a necessary engine for animation artists and visual effects professionals to complete their projects. Sometimes, it may need to import raw footage, camera, sound synchronization, area masking, object tracking and so much more. It can be used in Windows, Steams, Mack OS, Linux and it also reinforces Onion skinning. It is considered to be good for both beginners and advanced designers.

Wings 3D

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

The other one open-source painting design is named Wings 3D and it’s mostly designed for a method called the subdivision modeling. In this method, a smooth surface can be shown over the linear polygon mesh. It supports lights and materials which are useful to both experts and new learners to create 3D objects rapidly. The software has a comprehensive set of tools and an intuitive interface.

Wings 3D utilizes conventional 3D modeling techniques but it’s great for the beginners even though it doesn’t support animation. This design is extraordinary for beginners to learn the basics of 3D modeling which assists in the professional level of packages. For expert modelers, this software is very easy to use. For any type of technical and artistic paintings, the tools are useful to translate 3D models from the geometric meshes.


Sculptris is an excellent open-source 3D painting design to sculpt and it attracts all levels of modellers. The developer of this software is Pixologic and they are appreciated for their modeling suite and sculpting with ZBrush.

Sculptris is often considered as the trial version of expensive ZBrush in some way. In the recent market, this software is the most widely utilized digital application for sculpting. The learnings from Sculptris is very helpful for those who want to learn the next step as it explicitly translates to ZBrush.

This open-source 3D modeling software is for those who are new to this world of creating 3D models but still, it’s outstanding for all levels of designers with skills. While the new users will find this a high beginning point, the experts as CG artists will view this software as an effortless and swift way to invent new concepts.


To conclude this article, let us hope that with the variety of software that is freely available for any kind of designs, you will be able to find your passion. Therefore, if you are a beginner or an expert, it doesn’t matter. You can use it to create remarkable 3D objects to mesmerize the world.

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