A Guide About The Types Of Cheap 3D Filaments

Cheap 3d Filaments

As per the advancement in the digital world, many techniques are booming in trends as well as the lives of people. One of the techniques is 3D printing that gives realistic manufacturing of the 3D models. But without using the correct 3D filaments, it is impossible to get the desired outcome. Mentioned below are the cheap 3D filaments of various types that are used for 3D printing. Let’s have a look:

ABS: One Of The Cheap 3D Filaments

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The strength and flexibility of the ABS filament make it the first choice for printing in 3D. It is a kind of tricky plastic and hence used for the printing of automotive parts, kitchen appliances, toys, etc. Other than the use in printing, the 3D filament is also used in traditional manufacturing like water bottles, cans, plastic wraps, etc. Despite the popularity, there are some sectors or users that don’t find this appropriate as it is non-biodegradable as well as its melting point is too high.

HIPS Filament

It could be said as another cheap 3D filament. It is a biodegradable filament that could be used without any harmful effects. HIPS filament is a great secondary filament that is very safe to use for the people who are in close contact with the filament. It is a great dual option when combined with the ABS filament. You may face some issues related to adhesion as well as the curling of the filament. It is also not easy to work without a heated base or bed.

Cheap 3D Filaments: PVA

It acts as a support material when you are printing with ABS or PLA. Support materials play an important role to print the 3D parts along with notable overhangs. If you will not provide support material, then you could face problems in printing perfectly. These PVA filaments are said to be the best supportive material. It is used for thickening the paper adhesive as well as personal hygiene products, etc. These are water-soluble with great durability.

Wood Filament

It could sound weird and strange but the wood cheap 3D filaments seem to be very real. These are purely made up of the woods. You can get a long list of the impressive examples online that are enough to tell you the amazing finish and the realistic look of the wood filament. These are used for decoration purposes, ornate boxes as well as the table and chairs, etc. When it reaches a higher temperature the color darkens. The wood filament is weaker as compared to other types of filaments and could be said to be easily breakable as well as it is not flexible too.


Here is an outlined guide about some commonly used 3D filaments but there are plenty of the filaments available. Before opting for anyone, you will need to find out the usage of the filament. You will also need to think about the storage of these filaments to use them. Also, keep in mind not to go for the cheapest as it would not have the proper quality of the filament.

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