The 3D House – Modern 3D Printed Houses

3D Houses - Modern 3D Printed Houses

The 3D House is the latest, and perhaps, the best technological advancement in the construction industry. The technology may not necessarily be cheap but in the long run, it pays for itself. Large scale 3D printers are now capable of converting conceptualized digital designs into actual houses through printing it layer by layer!

3D printing is definitely the future of the construction industry since it is both, easy and cost-effective.

The 3D House - Modern 3D Printed Houses
The 3D House – Modern 3D Printed Houses

How Is It Made?

Essentially, the 3D house is made with a gigantic 3D Printers. You have probably seen a conventional 3D Printer. Now multiply its size by 50 and you got yourself a Concrete 3D Printer. These printers haven’t replaced construction workers just yet, but they do quite a bit of work for them. Construction workers still need to build a foundation and flatten the land they are building on. They still need to reinforce walls, provide plumbing, electrical wirings, insulation, etc.

Concrete 3D Printers simply print the framework of a house on a solid foundation. This framework is then converted to a house through hard-core interior designing, plumbing, and civil engineering laborers.

Benefits Of The 3D House

The 3D House - Modern 3D Printed Houses
The 3D House – Modern 3D Printed Houses
  1. Durability. Traditional construction methods are inferior to that of a 3D Printed house. Thanks to their extensive planning, 3D houses have fewer stress points… making them more stable. Many 3D houses are specifically designed to withstand earthquakes of up-till 7-8 magnitudes on the Richter scale.
  2. Speed. Current-day construction methods are slow. Between foundations setting and concrete solidifying, a typical construction project takes up-to months if not years. Whereas, 3D printed houses can be built in less than 48 hours!
  3. Cost-effective. 3D printers drastically cut down on labor costs. A single 3D Printer and 2-3 operators can replace the average workforce of about 50-65 workers. Moreover, Research indicates that construction companies can save up to $6000 on labor costs on 3D House projects. 3D Printers may be an expensive investment, but it pays for itself, through saving money on labor.
  4. Versatility. You can do a lot more with 3D Printers. Choose from wider ranges of design, customize your design and even incorporate modern, sophisticated, sleek designs into your house.
  5. Reduces Carbon Footprint. Now that businesses have to pay a carbon tax, reducing Carbon Footprint has never been more economically and environmentally sound than ever before. Through using sustainable products and bio-plastics, the average 3D House project has nearly half as much carbon emission than that of a conventional construction project.

Companies That Build 3D Houses

  • WinSun = First 3D Printed homes ever. The WinSun company can produce up to 10 houses in less than 36 hours! Each house costing only $4000… The WinSun company has great potential in the lower-middle class market.
  • New Story: Having the ability to mass print houses under $4000, this NGOs goal is to house as many homeless people as they can around the world. As of 2019, they have provided 850 homes to the poor in El Salvador and Chile. They are aiming to launch globally soon.
  • Apis Cor: The company has strong faith in 3D Printing technology. Having made several contributions to the construction industry, Apis cor is one of the global leaders when it comes to 3D Houses.
  • Project Milestone: The most ambitious 3D Housing company ever. Project Milestone is aiming to create 5 high tier residential areas by the end of 2019. Being the first company to commercialize 3D housing, their modern, design-heavy, sophisticated houses truly belong in the richest streets of the world.
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